2nd Delete Doc Event

Book Promotion - Postal Annex on Figarden Blvd - Feb 2 - 2019

This shot was last Saturday February 2, at the Figarden Blvd. Postal Annex. By the way, the City of Fresno’s spelling of the street is correct with the “one G” in Figarden. Perhaps it had to do with the street sign dimensions limiting the number of letters, However, there is an original Fig Garden area as it was a Railroad station stop at the Santa Fe line’s intersection of West Bullard and North Brawley.

I don’t know if I’ll be bundled up, again, but the mornings have been “frosty” this week. I will be set up in the same fashion tomorrow morning Saturday, February 9, at 9:00 AM, at the Postal Annex on Nees at Willow. It is at the east wing of Willow Station tower behind the McDonalds.

Keep a heads up as I am waiting for the YouTube link of the Central Valley Talk interview done yesterday, Thursday, February 7. I will post it as soon as it arrives.


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