BIO – Long Version

The real beginning …. was in Madera, California.
Raised in the San Joaquin Valley may have been a shelter from an urban experience, however there were influences of literature, encyclopedia Britannica and an active Democratic family. Grandmother Lucille Desmond was a delegate from California in Chicago in 1956. High school began with a goal of a college major of architecture. Doing more art in high school changed all of that. Tim was the first student to receive an art scholarship in the history of Madera Union High School. As a college art major in the Bay Area, writing became important under the instruction of writer Malcolm Wood.
During the war years, he had his own domestic war years going on, back in the valley, back into the conservative roots, raising a family too young and five different jobs from 1966 through 1970. He began commercial sign painting for a while. After that, back to university for Bachelor’s degree, worked in hospitals, studied Lutheranism, started a screen printing business, and went into the classroom for career of teaching science. During all this time painting, and writing. Major influences were witnessing the evolution of the corruption of the public education system, and dealing with the helplessness of California politics. Being a fifth generation native Californian is one reason for not leaving this state, but there is beauty here, history, and mystery.

Family -Tim Desmond at Captain Tony's
At Captain Tony’s in Key West