The First Novel in Print

Art - cover For Thou Art With Me

For Thou Art With Me was released in December of 2005. Though it is still supposed to be able to order a “print on demand” copy, it is not a sure thing. Copies are still available, and Amazon and others have listings. I have a few, also, new in a box. The story is a World War II flashback, love and war story. The jacket blurb is below.
During an exciting air show, Darla, 66, reminisces to a younger family friend, Ernie. She tells him the things he never knew, about their friends and family during World War II. We follow the story back in time as Ernie hears of their dreams and tragedies in fictitious Mudford, California. Darla wants to be a singer but the war changes everything. Everyone reacts to Pearl Harbor. We follow the men in her life, through their training, battles, struggles, and learn what these unsung heroes did in their service. Darla also has her life threatened by a jealous girl. Darla’s dreams are not fulfilled. Back in real time, Ernie tries to fulfill one of her dreams. It is a cute and nostalgic gesture, and appreciated. Ernie learns something about himself, as well as learning about all the guys he grew up around. Darla’s husband has a surprise for her as well.

If interested, drop me a note at: bobbitimdesmond [at] att [dot] net.

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CW - 3rd Confed Infantry Rgmt flag enlargedAs the old website of “timsfiction-art” was up since 2005, that era is over. This site begins with a new book, soon to be released in print by Black OpalBooks. Yes, it is THE DOC novel.